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I'm a nineteen-year-old meth user. For that reason, I'm going to stay anonymous. I only started this blog to share to others the thoughts that go through the mind of one out of 3 million+ meth users in the world. I'm honestly not like any other meth user out there; if you ever met me personally, you would never suspect my illicit drug use. Who knows, maybe you do know me, but will probably never find out because I don't reflect the stereotypical meth user.

Feel free to ask me anything; my ask box is open and I'd love to converse with many of you.
Note: If you send an ask with your url, I will most likely publish it if it concerns my drug use or any other information that may be helpful for those reading my story. Usually, if it's just a simple chat, I will reply privately. If you would like me to reply to you privately whether it's a chat or not, then don't be afraid to ask for me to respond privately.

I would also like to mention that everything on my blog is 100% mine. If I reblog anything (which is rare), it will be mentioned in the post somehow.
Anonymous: what kind of meth is that and where could i get the good shit. If im not mistaken thats old school crank isnt it

Good eyes, there. Sorry to say that I wouldn’t know where to suggest, even if we lived in the same state. I receive my meth from a family friend who mainly deals with, well, close friends. They don’t cook it, though. I don’t know who does, since they prefer to stay anonymous for their safety.

I’m trying to complete the national Pokedex in Pokemon X to get the shiny charm.

I’ve only caught 515 so far. I’m doing a mixture of PokeGen, breeding/evolving, and the GTS. I don’t know what to trade over the GTS for dex fillers, though. Bank Pokemon are still worth something on the GTS, right?

I feel like this is taking longer than it needs to be to complete the dex.

Hey, everyone. I know I don’t update my blog as much now (practically never) since I’m trying to get comfortable in the “real-world.”

I really appreciate all of my followers, whether they’re aware that this blog was meant to be updated as regularly as possible or not. I’m sure my blog is the place where you satisfy your curiosity in the life of one of the millions of meth users in the world. Also, I have provided some photos (which I don’t do now, since I don’t buy in enough quantity worthy to be posted on here anymore), so you can familiarize yourself with the substance.

How about some updates?

First of all, I graduated from my college, receiving my Associate Degree. For each program of the school, two valedictorians were announced and, to my surprise, I happened to be the one of the two valedictorians in my class. I’m very proud of myself. (Aren’t you proud too, Tina? *wink*)

Also, today is my birthday. (“Time to update my blog!”) I am no longer a teen — I have entered into adulthood and having proudly escaped teen parenthood. Not that that’s a bad thing; I just preferred for my own life to be void of children until I’m entirely prepared for the diaper changes and constant cries for any little thing that bothered them.

I’m here to live another year. To survive in this cruel world that brings me to tears just by having to tolerate the stupidity of individuals that feel it necessary to share a constant update on their situation (“I’m craving chicken wings, mmm.” “I just bought some wings.” “No thanks to any of you.” “It’s another day and I am again craving chicken wings. Different flavor, this time.”) While also wiping the blood and sweat from my brow just to cater to others. I hope to one day be self-employed. Well, it’s a goal I am adamant on successfully achieving.

I hope that any new followers have not been disappointed in the content of my blog — I aim to please as well as educate you, even if it is at the risk of my health. I assure to any of those that are concerned: I don’t hit the pipe recklessly (then again, anyone can say “hitting it once is reckless!” No. Relax and let me massage your scalp for a bit; this is a different blog you’ve landed on). I’m still alive, so I suppose that shows others that I’ve been taking good care of myself, regardless.

To all of you reading this, may you have a pleasant evening/morning and please don’t bring unnecessary drama to this blog. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them my way (notifying if you would rather your question/comment to be private, if you’d like). I will try to respond to them in a timely manner.. I can’t promise immediate response, but I do try.

Hope all is well.

Anonymous: Have you used a sweet puff glass pipe at all? We use them here in Australia, if you have what is the difference between using a sweet puff style pipe and the pipe you show in your photos?? :))

From what I have Googled (image) on the term, I’ve never used that kind of pipe before. I’ve only used the pipe that I have posted photos of, so I can’t compare/contrast the two types. I would love to try a sweet puff glass pipe sometime, though. I’d assume there wouldn’t be much of a difference when using either pipe, except maybe the method of burning…

I tried to see if there were any YouTube videos showing a sweet puff and from the one I could find, I’ve come to the conclusion that the difference between smoking out of a regular pipe and the sweet puff (if that is the correct term?) is the method of burning/smoking. I’ve concluded that using a sweet puff would be more effective than a regular pipe since the stem is longer, so there’s little chance of burning your face/nose/forehead/etc. Also, since the bowl extends to the side, there’s more freedom in how you burn meth, while using a regular pizzo limits you to turning it side-to-side (although I prefer little to no turning, while in the video I saw, the person was turning their sweet puff pipe in exaggerated motions).

I suppose the sweet puff pipe would be preferred for those who would want to reduce the chance of the lighter’s flame to touch any part of your face. Although, a regular pizzo is easier to hide because of how small it is. 

If anyone has ever tried both types of pipes, they’re welcome to compare the two. I’m only basing my information off of what I know from the regular pizzo and a YouTube video.

I’m sure that most of you have heard of the rumors about crystal meth that have been cooked to look, smell, and taste like candy. That rumor has been circulating for months, possibly even years, by now. 

I wouldn’t doubt that on the show “Breaking Bad” the crystals made to be meth on the series were actually candy rocks instead. (I’ve only watched the first episode of BB - which I very much enjoyed - and haven’t done much research on what they use to show as the crystals, so I could be wrong on this assumption. Throughout this post, I’ll assume that candy rocks = the series’ crystal meth.) 

Could it be that, from the series, the rumors spread to reality, exposing that crystal meth has been cooked by professionals to the point that they actually are edible? 

I am starting to become bothered by this, simply because the people that share this information with me are people that have never touched meth or even consider touching it in their lives. While I, a meth user for quite a while, has never even laid eyes upon such a concoction. If such crystals were true, I’d be one of the users that would take up those products on a trial run as soon as I could over the crystals boiled to where resting one on your tongue twists your expression to that of disgust. Crystal meth tastes like shit, no matter what, so how is this possible?

I’m not sure if I really want to go into further research on this, because I feel that this rumor is exactly that: a rumor. But because others are so adamant that candy-tasting meth truly exists, I’m troubled that I’ve never been able to have a taste of it.

I’m on for only a short time, which is why this post may seem rushed or make little sense, but I wanted to submit this as I have a question relating to the substance. For those that are experienced with buying, dealing, using, or being involved with meth: Do these rumored candy-crystals exist? How? With the chemicals that are used to create meth, I find it a bit hard to believe there are food colorings AND flavorings that can disguise the color and taste of meth. (I would believe using any sort of food colorings and flavorings would interfere with the original recipe, therefore creating some new drug or just ruin the meth-cooking process in general.)

Although, anytime someone shares with me this piece of information, I have to refrain myself from exposing my own expertise. If I go into any detail on how I gathered my knowledge, I’m pretty sure that they would question me or put two-and-two together and realize that I’m a user, explaining why I’m so certain that these candy rocks don’t exist.

If I’m wrong and they do exist, I would love for someone to confirm this (maybe with personal pictures or videos, if possible) and it would be a major plus if it’s explained how it’s cooked to be this way.

I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

I’m in need of some extra money. Since I’m graduating soon, I need help with earning money to help with car payments, until I can find a job. (You can’t get a job without a car [reliable transportation], you can’t get a car without money. You can’t get money without a job. Life.)

I’d rather not simply ask for money; I’m willing to put some work in it in return. If I created some art, would any of you buy it? If I happened to print my art on cell phone cases or laptop skins, even pillows, will that have you consider buying my art? Of course, I’m not going to ask for you to pay before-hand or even pay without seeing what you’re paying for. I’ll be taking some time building up a portfolio of sort.

Interestingly enough, tweaking has helped me focus on art whenever I had time to pass. Shit just seems to spark my creativity.

My pizza was delivered to me, safe and sound.

If only the pizza delivery guy knew he had just approached a house with a current meth user. It still blows my mind that you can never really tell who does what unless you ask directly. Also, that looks can be very deceiving. After all, nobody suspects I’m a meth user.

I remember when a friend of mine was telling her boyfriend about one of their co-workers and how that co-worker was an ex-meth addict. Her boyfriend was surprised and said “She doesn’t look it.” All the while, I was sitting there, thinking: “I apparently don’t look it either.”

Anonymous: I love your blog. I love crystal meth. I love to party. I like to party, smoke meth and read your blog.

You are quite divine, anon. We’ll get along just great.

Anonymous: I'm really happy to hear that things are going well with you! Best of luck for the rest of school!

Thank you very much! That means a lot to me and I hope you’re doing well, anon.

Since my pipe is unacceptably dirty and, lately, I’ve been getting small amounts of meth, I don’t think there would be any photos for a while. But just imagine some beautiful crystal, getting liquified in a very clean and beautiful looking pipe. Shaped like a woman’s body.