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I'm a nineteen-year-old meth user. For that reason, I'm going to stay anonymous. I only started this blog to share to others the thoughts that go through the mind of one out of 3 million+ meth users in the world. I'm honestly not like any other meth user out there; if you ever met me personally, you would never suspect my illicit drug use. Who knows, maybe you do know me, but will probably never find out because I don't reflect the stereotypical meth user.

Feel free to ask me anything; my ask box is open and I'd love to converse with many of you.
Note: If you send an ask with your url, I will most likely publish it if it concerns my drug use or any other information that may be helpful for those reading my story. Usually, if it's just a simple chat, I will reply privately. If you would like me to reply to you privately whether it's a chat or not, then don't be afraid to ask for me to respond privately.

I would also like to mention that everything on my blog is 100% mine. If I reblog anything (which is rare), it will be mentioned in the post somehow.
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